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Each room in your house must have its own value and each must be very important to you. However, a bathroom is something that holds utmost importance for a lot of people because there is a reason it is called a restroom.

Ardi bathrooms

Ardi bathrooms is here to alleviate this issue from your head too by providing you with all your bathroom needs that will help you get your bathroom ready according to your needs and requirements.

We have been in this business for several years

We have been in this business for several years now and have a huge clientele including builders, hotels, private individuals and so on.

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We offer

We offer a range of services that range from getting your bathroom fixed, getting you parts for your bathroom or even getting your bathroom made from scratch for you.

We have a lot of design

We have a lot of designs for you to choose from or we can have you collaborated with one of our designers and you can tell them what you need and they will surely be able to come up with a very creative and an exquisite design.

We have a wide range of bathroom equipment

We have a wide range of bathroom equipment including sinks, taps, pipes, commodes, showers, tubs, tiles, shampoo stands, brush holders and so on.

Our highlight

The best thing about our business is our high quality products and material that we use for your bathroom. The prices might seem a little higher but when seen relative to the quality of products we offer, are prices are very reasonable and market competitive.
- Rakib Hasan

Our employees

Our employees are very well trained and experienced, and they will surely work with great care to get your bathroom ready.

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How prevent burst pipes this winter

Sometime before winter begins, everyone walks to the stores and purchases warm clothes and heaters to keep warm when the winter season begins. People also look for furnaces and more firewood to use during this cold season. However, there are other important preparations that you should make to ensure that this cold season does not affect anything on your home or property. This is preparing for the effects of winter on your water piping systems. 

It would be best never to forget to make these preparations since they are always necessary for any cold-weather season. This is because your pipes are not used to the temperatures that are usually there during this season. One of the things you could do is to develop ways to prevent burst water main sydney since this is when most people experience such problems with their water piping systems.

What makes the pipes burst during winter?

When it is cold, the water that is in your pipes will begin to freeze. As the water freezes, it expands, creating extremely high pressure on the inside. The high pressure on the inside of your pipe is usually high compared to that on your pipes outside, forcing the pipes to burst to relieve the pressure they are experiencing. When the pipes burst, they begin releasing so much water in a day which means that the water can lead to property or structural damage and even flooding.

How to prevent burst pipes

As a home or property owner, you have to think of ways to prevent burst pipes since it could be a dangerous problem when it happens. If you are preparing for winter, consider the following tips so that you can prevent your pipe from bursting even if the season becomes very colder than usual.

  • Insulate the water pipes

When your pipes are exposed, they will begin to freeze even if you live in some warmer places. You have to ensure that you come up with ways to hide these pipes, and one of the ways you could consider is insulating all the water pipes around your home. All you need to get is foam insulation which is available in any home improvement shop. When you use the foam to insulate the pipes, you will protect them from cold temperatures. You can also wrap the pipes using heat tape or heat cables controlled by a thermostat. This keeps your pipes warm, preventing them from freezing. When this happens, your pipes will not burst during the winter season.  

  • Insulate the walls that have pipes

Instead of insulating the pipes, you can also consider insulating the walls that contain the water pipes. When you insulate the walls, they will not be affected by the cold weather that is outside. This keeps your pipes safe, which means that you will not experience any burst pipes. It would help if you looked for signs of mould and moisture buildup to determine whether there are cracks on the surface. If there are, reinsulate your walls.

  • Leave your taps on

Most people fix a tap that is dripping. However, during the winter season, it is important to have a dripping tap or faucet. It keeps the pressure on the pipes low since the water is flowing, preventing burst pipes.

  • Sealing cracks and leaks

Sealing up any cracks and leaks in your home could also prevent burst pipes. Therefore conduct inspections to determine whether there are leaks and cracks near the windows, pipes, electrical wiring, and dryer vents. This is to ensure that you keep out as much cold air as you can.


Bathroom Fixture: What Is It? Where Should I Get It?

Exactly what is a shower room component? Is it simply the lights? The tap? Where can surely you obtain them? A product completely affixed to the shower room is a shower room component. Not simply the lights! Stick with your bathroom’s design and also motif when choosing shower room components. See to it to remain within budget plan also. It’s really appealing to obtain all the trendy gizmos and also most recent shower room component creations. I still desire the towel warming shelf I saw. The majority of shower room component suppliers have collections, so you can surely purchase all the components at one to see to it they suit.

When you listen to “shower room component” you might instantly think about simply something such as the shower room illumination. At the very least that is what I made use of to do. The call shower room component in fact encompasses numerous points such as shower room sink, tub, shower, tap, bathroom, bidet, illumination, duct follower and also cupboards.

When browsing on-line for a shower room component, it is ideal to look for the particular thing rather than a basic call. The more particular you can surely obtain the much far better the search engine result. So rather than bathroom illumination or shower room illumination look for shower room vanity lights or dangling shower room highlight.

If you are a guerrilla buyer, you want to enter, order right stuff and also venture out as quickly as you can surely. That is specifically exactly how I store. I recommend most likely to a big residence renovation save or shower room save that will certainly have the shower room component for you to purchase at the same time. Shops like Residence Depot and also Lowes are best for this. These shops will certainly lug shower room components that collaborate all the from the exact same producer and also they can surely be set up also. Yet if you can surely do it on your own, these shops are the least expensive means to renovate your shower room.

If you want to look around, discover distinct things after that I suggest most likely to specialized shower room component shops. There are shops committed totally to illumination, pipes, faucets, sinks and also cupboards. These shops would certainly have a larger selection of components. Yet you would certainly have to head to each save to obtain your shower room component chosen out. I have located however that the specialized save salesmen truly recognize their shower room components. If you’re not certain what you desire, or can not discover something in your cost vary, I would certainly absolutely seek advice from them. That particular shower room component is their specialized.

Bathroom Store Choices – Deciding Where to Shop

If you’re structure a brand-new residence or improvement your present residence, you will most likely be production a number of journeys to the regional washroom save. One normally supplies many whatever that you will require for your washroom redesign or building, from floor covering to components as well as more. Let’s check out what you could take into consideration acquiring at this specialized save in your regional area or on the internet at a shower room products specialized store.

Washroom Floor covering

The flooring that you select for your washroom need to be durable, long lasting, as well as most importantly, immune to dampness. You could additionally be worried about slides as well as drops in the washroom, that makes purchasing your washroom floor covering from specialized washroom merchants a great idea; save team can constantly assistance you select the most safe floor covering choice . The majority of these specialized washroom merchants supply a vast choice of one of the most demanded washroom floor covering choices, consisting of ceramic floor tile, linoleum, plastic, laminate, as well as others.


You can never ever have actually sufficient storage space in your house, consisting of the washroom. Stunning washroom closets are a financial investment in your house – as well as will greater than spend for themselves if you ever place your residence on the marketplace. At washroom retail electrical outlets, you can locate a selection of closets for the washroom, consisting of washroom vanity closets – in all various varieties of strong timber or in pushed timber for those customers on a budget plan. Many washroom merchants additionally supply installment of washroom cabinets or can suggest a great cupboard installer that they have actually dealt with in the past.

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